Sex And The Tri-Cities

"The Picture Does Not Make Me As Good Looking As I Know I Am!" -CJO

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today is the first morning that both TG and I have got up (together for the most part) and had breakfast at HOME together.  I got to use my french press coffee maker (ooooohhh aaaahhh) and we had english muffins with pb&j.

We are both plugging away on our computers and it's perfect.  I feel like a homeowner.

I am surprised I can even type this am with the calluses forming on my hands - yeah Ikea. 

Be Safe and Drive Safe - make sure your car is safe - check your tires!  You just never know...

I am sitting in front of our new kitchen table and chairs - one more step to TG and I becoming better hosts!  Excitement!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Posting from the O'Neill residence - no, not where TG and I have been squatting with the kitties for the last few days, but rather OUR house!  Its been an overwhelming couple weeks both exciting and stressful (and uncomfortable).

We had a few hiccups with the property and deliveries yesterday and I'm waiting for a few things today.  I am so looking forward to making this house a home. TG was great and got the Internet set up ASAP :)

The BIG move is tomorrow and we are lucky to have so much help - at the house and elsewhere selecting our TFC tix for next year. Mental system but yea for our proxy!

Blind guy is here and the blacklisted BB just called to say they will be here between 730 and 11 am - gee, thanks for the call at 825, good thing you are not on time...dolts.

Peace and look forward to a housewarming!  Enjoy the weather and each other -xo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oktoberfest was a lot of fun this year!  More so then it has been in the past - good company, good drinks, good times.  I would not exactly call it quality time for TG and I.  I miss him this week and he buzzed me today to tell me he sick in Cali - poor guy.  It is not unusual for him to get sick on work trips - he was once in the hospital in NC on a business trip with severe food poisoning. 

I am off work this Saturday - works out well because TG will be home late Friday and we get to go to (the pointless) season closer at BMO for the TFC.  It as a forgettable season but will be a nice way to spend the afternoon if the weather cooperates.

Work is slow - October was my best month last year. It is slow all around and the dealership as a whole is below targets.  Disappointing with a mortgage just around the corner.

Getting back on the WW bandwagon - focused!  I am spending some time at a spa clinic tomorrow and having dinner with my sister - going to be a good day!


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fall is one of my favourite times of year.  I love the weather (for the most part), turtlenecks, apples, work being busier and being close to MOVING!  We are getting pretty organized and after this weekend we will have more storage to make bigger moves.  Our house is coming along and I feel so lucky.

TG is off to Cali for work.  The control side of me is a-ok and although I will miss him, I will get a lot done moving wise.  The other side of me is pissed and thinking that now is not the time for him to be away.

On the WW front, I had a minor lapse but and back on track and very close to the wife that loses 10 lbs in the first year (6 months) of marriage rather then gains.  I realize my mistakes (pumpkin muffin = ladyboner) and can make smart changes as we head towards the holidays.

Speaking of which - not looking forward to Thanksgiving.  My boy is not coming, my dad is not coming and I feel some obligation to go.  My family fakes functionality but I look forward to turkey and my cousins.

Oktoberfest!  TG and I have not missed since we first started dating.  I was indifferent this year with added stresses and TG's unknown itinerary I was sure we would not go.  As it turns out TG is leaving late Sunday which means we can enjoy the festivities (a.k.a. slightly sloppy drinking).  I am now looking forward to seeing our friends there and am glad we are making the effort to celebrate - roll out the barrel!

Stay safe,

Sunday, September 12, 2010


On the WW front I was doing great...until the long weekend. I was so disappointed with myself for making some bad choices that showed up on the scale. I am focused this week to get back the crap long weekend. No more peanut butter M&M's, mega Caesars or chips - those things are not ok when not counted on measured on WW. Lesson learned and summer is now over for the most part and I will get back to the WW ABC's!

House stuff is coming along and we hope to see some real progress in the next week with the frame etc! The move can't come fast enough and we are going to be so ready for the change.
TG may be going to Cali for some work stuff mid October so a lot of the packing may rest with me and the control freak side of me is ok with that :)

Happy 1st Birthday to Dinosaur D! You are a special little man!

Travel in 2011 - should not be on my mind so much but it really is. So much I want to do and see with TG before we "settle down". Where do we start? St. Lucia? Europe? Vegas? Cruise?

Make good choices,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

After a wonderful weekend fueled by Caesars, light beer, tacos, caramel apples, gin and soda, ravioli and cheesecake - I still managed to lose 1/2 a Pound at WW this week. I planed fr this event and was so pleased to see a small victory at the scale. I've lost just about 7 lbs and am motivated to keep going.

I am so looking forward to a real long weekend! TG and I are heading to a cottage we've rented on the beach/ THe weather better be nice and none of this 18 degree bull crap we are experiencing today - WTF?!

Speaking of bull crap - TG and I are classified as occasional smokers as per retarded medical underwriters due to the fact that we shared a cigar on our honeymoon and disclosed that fact during an interview. Telling the truth in THIS circumstance does not pay off - word of warning! LIE and feel no guilt about doing so - they are out to screw you.

On a brighter note, we were ordering some shirts from a catalogue at work as a kind of "uniform" and when I asked another lady (who I thought was very similar in size) what size she was getting, she replied "medium" but then quickly said "but you are smaller then me" - what?! Goes to show I don't see what others do and maybe I never will - I will work on the mirror thing later...

If it is to be; it is up to me...


Thursday, August 12, 2010


As a couple of my readers know, I have rejoined WW. I am a former lifetime member - I went back, swallowed my pride and stepped back on the scale over a week ago. I want to pretend I am a rookie and get back to the basics of weight loss. I told TG that I was going to be a newlywed that lost 10 lbs rather then gained it in the first year - I am hoping for more...17.5 lbs to be exact.

That being said I am committed to go every Wednesday morning. The first week was a success at the scale and I am on track. I think TG and I will both benefit from my efforts. So far so good...

Looking for my confidence again - I know it is there...

Eat, Pray, Love - do I want to see it? Do I want to he hungry and jealous the entire movie? Not sure...

I have to agree with Momma Bear and conclude that the food network is like porn for those of us on WW!

LOVE Kettle Brand Baked Chip - so much bang for your buck - moderation is key! TG even likes them - they don't take like crap (cough cough...baked lays)

Looking forward to a mini-getaway next weekend in TO. Going to stay overnight(s) and have a couple drinks with my husband (counted of course). We are going to catch the TFC game and spend the evening like kids at the CNE. Following that - we will spend the rest of the night like adults if I have anything to say about it! I am hoping we find time to have a sit down dinner but I am thinking that playing it by ear will be our best bet. If the food network is porn I am guessing the food building at the CNE will be like going to the strippers!

Plan and prevent rather then repair and repent...